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We are now finishing up the documentary about San Francisco’s first homegrown art and music festival, Gathering of The Tribes, with a selection of songs by sixteen of the bands who participated.

It had been a while since the local music and art community created their own festival without any corporate assistance, since nobody wanted to invest in the underground music scene that make San Francisco unique and original. This festival took greater focus in those bands whose sound falls in line with the psychedelic and rock and roll sub-genres.

The San Francisco Great Society is a group of musicians and artists that will aim to create a music and art festival each year. GOTT was entirely DIY—about one-hundred volunteers and some paid technicians helped make this festival a reality on September 13, 2015. Only a few photographers and two-camera people documented the event for about twelve hours. This was an important documentation that I felt needed to be recorded, and to show the rest of the world that San Francisco music is alive and well and the music scene continues to create original art and sounds.

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Dennis Gonzales

2015 Festival Coordinator